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By Clark Twiddy President, Twiddy & Company In a time when many of us are thankful to simply get through the business day, the art and science of well-executed decision-making patterns, in many cases, take a back seat to the simple busyness of the day. While the never-ending temptation to respond immediately to any stimulus […]

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3M President and Chairman Mike Roman mentioned recently that any differentiation 3M has starts with people, and if you’re reading this, you probably agree–having the right people on your team and in the right spot has never been more important as we launch into a New Year that will hopefully see a diminishing pandemic impact.  […]

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2020 has been a year that defied any other time in our lives. In our personal lives and businesses, navigating the sheer uncertainty of tomorrow continues to be a challenge that occupies most of our waking hours. As we plan our way through 2021, and despite our best efforts to move our businesses forward, one […]

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“Leadership is never guaranteed. It must be continually renewed.” ~ Howard Gardner    Few among us haven’t been, in some way, profoundly impacted by the COVID pandemic. As business leaders across our region grapple with the many new realities affecting even the smallest aspects of our businesses, we continue to look for new tools and […]

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As employers big and small continue to navigate COVID disruptions within their workplaces, one lesson applicable to all of us has been a return to talent primacy. Without a smart, reliable, and self-directed team, even the best of market visions fail. On Main Street, many employers would point out that, in fact, many strategies fail […]

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By Clark Twiddy President, Twiddy & Company   “To manage a crisis well is excellence; to avoid one altogether is mastery.”   COVID Lesson Crises leadership seems to have become all too normal to many of us. Few, if any, among us don’t spend at least a part of our day managing the various crisis […]

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By Clark Twiddy President, Twiddy & Company As the business community continues to work its way through our time’s enormously complex challenges, it’s worth noting one particular management change that’s becoming increasingly crucial as crises become more regular. In a crisis, whether it be COVID, a hurricane, or the next Department of Defense challenge, it […]

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