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Before starting, expanding or relocating a business, or perhaps building a new facility, you need to be diligent in asking specific questions about Federal, State and County Codes and Regulations. It is your responsibility to understand what the requirements are and what is expected in your particular situation. There are many questions you should ask before proceeding to avoid any problems and possible additional costs further into the process.

Please note that Currituck County does not currently have a county business license requirement.

Examples of these questions, include but are not limited to:

  • Are you located in the proper zoning?
  • Will you need a special use permit or conditional use permit?
  • Are you aware of Currituck Country Sign Ordinance Regulations?
  • What is the lighting ordinance?
  • Are there additional fees/charges for space in the wastewater treatment area?
  • What are the parking requirements for your type of business?
  • What are the fire code regulations?
    • Will you need to have a fire hydrant installed in front of your building?
    • Will you need to have a holding pond for sprinkler system support?
  • What are the septic requirements?
    • Are there fill restrictions?
  • What about setback regulations?
  • Will you need a stormwater drainage permit?
  • How does the Americans with Disabilities act impact your situation?
    • Will you need handicap accessible bathrooms?
    • An elevator?
    • Braille lettering?
    • Handicap ramp at entrance?

It all may seem overwhelming, but the good news is there are several resources available and people you may contact to help you with your endeavor.

College of the Albemarle Small Business Center

Currituck Economic Development

Northeastern Workforce Development Board

SCORE Coastal Carolina

Small Business & Technology Development Center


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