Congress and the President signed into law Friday a historic $2 trillion stimulus package to aid the American public and help the US Economy battle the harmful spread of Covid-19.   As the news changes so quickly, we are working to get you updated information as we gather it. Below please find links to help […]

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We are getting updates of resources for businesses effected by COVID 19 regularly. Please visit the Facebook page of the Currituck Chamber of Commerce to stay up to date as we receive these resources for grants, loans,classes ect as they become available. Below is a grant available for business effected by COVID 19 on a […]

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Every morning I wake up and it feels like I am preparing anew for a hurricane about to hit the shore. The difference is this storm is unseen and the devastation is the illness called COVID-19 rather than wind and water. What isn’t different is the sense of community where we rally around one another. […]

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