Its the time of year again where the warmth from fire places and wood/oil heaters feels good.

But after months of sitting unused the chimney may could use an inspection to be sure its in good condition and free from any animal nesting materials that could lead to an unwanted chimney fire. Old buildup of soot and ash can be removed easily by a local chimney sweep to ensure safe heating during the coming months.
Your HVAC unit may be due for a tuneup/inspection after the air conditioning gives way to the heating side of operation. We at ServiceMaster can inspect your duct lines for buildup of dust/debris and possible microbial growth that may have occurred over the warmer months.
We offer HAVC duct cleaning with professional modern equipment that leaves you with piece of mind. Pay attention to space heaters and electric fire places that need room to operate safely, keeping furniture and curtains at safe distances, children toys being left too close after play may lead to fires that could severely damage or destroy your home!
With the holiday season upon us we should pay close attention electric decorations and the cords that power them. Frayed or damaged wiring can lead to shorts that may lead to combustion.
Of course many of us prefer a live tree, which is festive with the evergreen smells and sights but they require the water level to be maintained to keep them moist as too prevent too much drying out, if using older classic bulbs always remember they put off more heat than the newer style many of us have today. Keep them stored safely for years of safe operation.
We at ServiceMaster Premier Services wish everyone a very Safe, Happy and Joyful Christmas Season.
If a cooking mishap or water damage occurs know we are just a phone call away to help Restore your Piece of Mind 252-491-2244 or Terry Booth directly 252-343-1732.