In this most busy of summer seasons, business leaders across industries are being taxed and tried like never before. Whether it’s grinding labor shortages, wholly uncertain supply chains, or even the breathlessly spiking costs of materials, we remain, even with the pandemic hopefully behind us, still in uncharted waters.
As we continue to climb over daily obstacles in our businesses, some days it’s enough to have an all-too-simple checklist to measure our own performance. It’s enough on many days to simply say that 1) we did the best we could and 2) we did the right thing. If, day after day, as we collapse into bed, we can answer yes to those two questions, that’s a great start to the next day.
In addition, if we’re fortunate to have people around us whom we trust in our business lives, it’s also a great opportunity as leaders to focus on the why behind what we’re doing. In fact, if we hire well and communicate the why behind our goals, the smart and dedicated people around us will figure out the how very quickly. Trust, in short, will help us all weather the summer. Don’t forget to schedule some time off for you as well!