We’re days away from the 2021/2022 waterfowl season in Currituck County. For the Fourth Generation Outfitters crew, the count down could come soon enough.

The process of preparing for each season, starts just as their season is ending in the spring. During the first of February. The Fourth Generation Outfitters crew inspected/services 25 wood duck boxes in Currituck. “We believe if we want this Tradition to carry on, we must give back, just as much as we take away.” These wood duck boxes provide a save place for wood ducks to lay eggs. This keeps predators (snakes, raccoons, fox, etc…) from eating them. These boxes provide a 90% survival rate!

Soon Currituck’s Wildlife Boat ramps will switch from fishing gear, to hunting gear. As we have started to see the first trickle of migration of blue rockets (Blue Wing Teal) For those hardcore hunters, East of hwy 17 allows an early September teal season. As well as a state wide early Canada goose season. For the Fourth Generation Outfitters crew this is one of their favorite times of the season.

With the dog days of summer behind us, comes duck blind building time. For a few short weeks in October hunters prepare their blinds, and bush them for the season. This Tradition has been passed down for many Generations. Duck blinds not only provide peace of mind, as hunters can enjoy them with friends and family on their days of from work. But also provide Revenue for the county/state. From building Materials for blinds, restaurants to eat after a long mornings hunt, gas for boats, and hunting equipment. Each dollar spent on hunting license, goes right back in to preserving the wildlife in NC.

Fourth Generation Outfitters has been guiding in Currituck for 17 years. “My granddad would tell stories of his guided hunts, and that’s what I want to do for a living.”  So on September 1, 2004 Aaron Mathews set out to follow in his granddad footsteps. They offer guided hunts for Ducks, Swans, Canada Geese, and Snow Geese. They also operate in four states. NC, VA, NJ, and NY.

Aaron’s granddad guided waterfowl hunts in Aydlett. I chose to live in Aydlett as well.  “something special about this little town, and the waterfowl history of it that makes you want stay.”

Fourth Generation Outfitters