Have you ever walked into a room that felt immediately calming? Or maybe you entered a building that felt particularly irritating or chaotic, but you weren't sure why or what was causing this feeling. Chances are that color played a role. Color Psychology is the study of how colors affect humans both mentally and emotionally and it can play a large role in design when it comes to its impact on users and occupants. Understanding the impact colors can have on both the mental and physical state can help inform decisions when designing homes, office spaces, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and more. Workplace has some tips on how to incorporate color into the design that fits your space best.

Blue can evoke feelings of calmness, relaxation, and security, making it a good choice for respite spaces or break rooms in the office, recovery rooms or waiting areas in a healthcare facility, or nap rooms in lower educational spaces. On the contrary, avoid using red in these spaces as it can incite feelings of anger or frustration. Instead, use red in moderation as an accent color or to draw attention to a design element.

Need to foster creativity in the office, makerspace, or arts and crafts room? Consider incorporating pops of yellow or orange into high-productivity environments as they are shown to evoke an energetic and optimistic mindset, with feelings of inspiration. Too much yellow can be overwhelming and irritate the eyes, so use sparingly.

Green inspires feelings of health, growth, and balance. It can make you feel refreshed, relaxed, and optimistic - making it a great use for healthcare or physician offices, senior living, behavioral health facilities, or commercial spaces promoting health and wellness.

Black gives off feelings of sophistication, professionalism, and power. This makes it a good design element for corporate spaces, offices, or commercial spaces promoting luxury or elegance.

White is often associated with cleanliness which is why its commonly used in both healthcare and hospitality. Using white in design creates a minimalist aesthetic, with a fresh and simple look - making it popular amongst both the tech and design industries. It's a great use for café spaces in the office, or areas where you want to accentuate the natural light.

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