There has been much speculation on what the future of the workplace will look like post Covid. While it seems the press continuously covers negative opinions on the demise of the workplace and the decline in corporate real estate, The Wall Street Journal has analyzed a study that finds a different result; 'Offices remain nonetheless essential'.

Companies have adapted and some have announced plans to make remote work more permanent, however based on this study, productivity, company culture, and creative collaboration require physical workplaces. People in organizations seem to work best when they're together in the same physical space.

Not only that but, they predict office spaces will actually expand in size to meet the needs for social distancing. Gone are the days of cramming a lot of people into small spaces. The corporate world will need to rethink office design to be more resistant to future pandemics. This means creating healthy workplaces with dividers, cleanable materials and surfaces, universal glass stackers, and more.

Read the full Wall Street Journal article here.

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