Hello Currituck! Show Me Your Junk is a new mother and daughter ran vendor store in Barco (Yellow building across from 711), with about 34 different vendors. Items range from handmade to collectables. Currently, our store hours are Daily 10am-7pm, except major holidays.

Join us for our first vendor event July 16th. So far, there will be about 16 vendors, a bounce house, and a food truck! Spaces available!

Keep checking our Facebook page for additional vendor events and craft times for the whole family!! We have a few shelf and floor options available if your interested in becoming a vendor!

Do you know any school-aged individuals that have goals and aspirations to be a small business owner? Have they already started their journey and need additional funding to really kick it off?? If so, we encourage them to fill out the stores Currituck County Young Entrepreneur Grant application. This is a competitive grant that will be awarded once a year. In addition to the application, there will be an Entrepreneurs Showcase. In front of about 3-5 other small business owners in Currituck, the young entrepreneurs will explain their small business, why they need the funding, and what impact it would have for them and their community. Keep checking our facebook page (ShowMeYourJunk.Currituck) for more details! We look forward to meeting you Currituck!

Thank you

Samantha Grovatt

Show Me Your Junk, Owner

3949 Caratoke Highway, Barco, NC.