I'm happy to announce we are moving to the Church at 211 Shortcut Road, in Barco on the first of September.

We have several volunteers helping when they can and we are moving forward. We could use more volunteers if anyone else would like to help out. Please call at 252-202-8036 if you're interested in volunteering.

This is a safer place for the animals since it is not in a flood zone. Cats and kittens are already established. We will be working on dog kennels shortly.

Our short term goal is to establish the cats, then the office, and then the kennels as that will take time.

My ultimate goal is WE will be able to save more animals. When I say WE, I mean ALL local Rescues. This building can, and hopefully will be used as a conference hall for all rescues to use.

This has been my community for over 20 years. I want to give back. I want to save lives and I want to bring the rescue community together. We need to work as one!