Clients describe Connie and Steve Hedrick as friendly and professional, with an upbeat personality and a willingness to invest extra time and effort into helping them. “She makes you feel like you are the only customer she has,” says Ray Neal, a retired central office technician for Verizon Wireless. “It’s a big deal to sell a house and it’s nice to have someone you can trust working for you.” During the past three years, Ray and his wife, June Adams, inherited two houses and the couple was concerned about one of the houses because it was located in a neighborhood where other properties up for sale had sat on the market for a year or more with no takers. Thanks to Connie, Ray and June’s home sold relatively quickly— within just a couple of months. As for the other house, the couple had an offer on it within 48 hours of putting it on the market. “Not only did it sell quickly, but it also sold for more than June and I had expected,” Ray says. “We have to give them the credit for it all. They made suggestions that I believed helped us sell both houses so fast. They also suggested that we change paint colors in some of the room and do some very minor bits of remodeling.” “Connie and Steve really have a good handle on the market and seems to know what clients are looking for,” Ray concludes. “I would definitely refer them to any friends and family. If and when I sell again, they will definitely be involved.”