The site includes a rich mix of building and unit types, not available elsewhere in Great Bridge.

Developed in partnership with Stephen Alexander Homes and Prempay Development, this community will be the first of it’s kind in Southern Chesapeake. Mixing mixed use buildings, townhomes and Pocket homes, the site offers a rich diverse residential product.

Along the street frontage will be mixed-use buildings with 2 stories of residential units over retail. Parking will be behind the buildings screened from view. As you pass by the retail area, you will come upon the amenity areas and Row-home areas. 2 and 3 - story rowhomes with a modern clean vernacular will greet residents and guests. No garages will be visible from the main street. All row homes will have rear-load garages and fronts will face onto landscaped greens. Small cottage-style homes with no garages will also be offered. These will be in a unique pocket neighborhood that will have small historically accurate homes with rear-load garages. All homes will face on to a shared green with a variety of amenity spaces. The BMP along the expressway will be a featured area and provide water-related activities.

The neighborhood will be a walkable mixed-use community, reminiscent of historic downtowns with the automobile being less of the focus.