By Clark Twiddy
President, Twiddy & Company

As the business community continues to work its way through our time's enormously complex challenges, it's worth noting one particular management change that's becoming increasingly crucial as crises become more regular.

In a crisis, whether it be COVID, a hurricane, or the next Department of Defense challenge, it imperative to make sure that good external business relationships help you provide value to elected leaders, county officials, community non-profits groups, and financial partners. When speed counts, the ability to share credible information to the right person in many cases spells the difference in days between good decisions made at the right time.

As a side note, remember social media activism isn't leadership. In many ways, it's become junk food for the mind.

Reach out to other community leaders in person and be a credible resource for them when times are tough--they'll need your constructive perspective.

Lastly, remember that a crisis means business operators have to look beyond their organization's internal operations to survive long-term. As General Martin Dempsey noted in his most book on leadership, a crisis is no time for spectators.


Clark Twiddy is president of Twiddy & Company on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He can be reached at