The Friends of the Museum of the Albemarle (FOMOA) are releasing three videos to help visitors understand the role of the museum in the Albemarle Region. Many who are familiar with the museum’s operations know that the state provides funding to operate and maintain the building facility and grounds, as a state property. They also fund and employ the staff and part-time personnel to operate and plan programs, such as exhibitions, educational programs, and special events.


The cost to build the exhibitions, bring free educational programs, and special events are funded by FOMOA. This has been part of their mission since the beginnings of the museum in 1967. The videos give a glimpse into the history, mission, and importance of providing funds to save and interpret the history of the “birthplace of our State.” The museum interprets thirteen counties in northeastern North Carolina telling the stories of the people who have lived here on the land continuously for 12,000 years.

Today, we are releasing the first of the three videos entitled “We Are More Than A Museum!”.  The video can be viewed here:


Two years ago, we were advised by our museum board members to use the new technology to help others understand the workings of the museum and the board’s role. We researched and found videographers who possessed the skills to produced videos to promote our mission, with several videos to explain the Friends of the Museum of the Albemarle’s (FOMOA) role with funding, advisory and support of the museum.

During the Great Pandemic of 2019-20 we began the journey. FOMOA with the museum staff met with Ercmy Tillmon and Timothy Bowser to lay out a plan. After about three months of writing scripts, filming, and editing we have new videos. The first new video is ready and can be viewed on the museum’s YouTube channel, with two more following. The videos give an in-depth look into the museum, becoming a member or joining the FOMOA board. We’re grateful for the communities and regions continued support.

"As a member of this community, It feels amazing to be able to work with the museum and to take their vision and create a work that will help others see the true history and the beauty of the Albemarle Area.", Director Ercmy Tillmon.

“Director Ercmy Tillmon and Cinematographer Timothy Bowser teamed up to work on a series of promotional videos for the Museum of the Albemarle. Working with the museum, Director Ercmy’ s Vision was to create a video that would enlighten visitors to the beautiful Albemarle area, as well as reintroduce the museum and the continued efforts of the staff to make this museum a beacon of light in the Elizabeth City Community. “Timothy Bowser, Director.

I also would like to thank Ercmy, Timothy, Rene, and Lorenzo for a truthful and artful interpretation of the museum’s story.

Photo courtesy of Timothy Bowser.  As Pictured from left to right: Production Assistant Larenzo King, Cinematographer Timothy Bowser, Director Ercmy Tillmon, Sound Assistant Rene Thomas