NCDOT host a quarterly Outreach Event for local contractors that are interested in contracting with Division One. Our Outreach Event goes over all the necessary documentation the contractor would need to supply to participate as well as our Engineers will be on location for Q&A. If you know anyone that can benefit from this event, please share our information with them. Below is a more in-depth explanation and I have attached our proposed lettings through March 2022.

TIME OF EVENT:                            10:00AM – 12:00PM

DATE OF SATURDAY EVENT:      January 22, 2022

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is responsible for constructing, maintaining, and operating the state’s transportation infrastructure system.  As part of this, NCDOT advertises and awards numerous contracts each year ranging from mowing contracts to multi-million-dollar road construction contracts. Each project is an opportunity for NCDOT to encourage small and disadvantaged business participation, and to provide equitable and balanced access for minority and woman owned businesses to compete on NCDOT contracts.

One-way NCDOT supports the ongoing success and diversity of its contracting community is to make sure small, minority- and woman-owned firms know about the construction and maintenance contracting opportunities that are available through our 14 highway division offices.  The contracts tend to be smaller in scope and may be of interest to small or mid-sized firms. There are also contracts that provide opportunities to work as a subcontractor. Not all contracts are construction based and not all contracts require you to be prequalified with NCDOT as is the case with Small Business Enterprise (SBE) contracts.

NCDOT is informing our industry partners of upcoming Saturday Outreach Events throughout the year. These events have been created to make companies aware of the contracting opportunities available statewide through our highway division offices. Each division event will be similar except for the opportunities that they have coming over the next three months. We invite you to attend any of the sessions to learn and ask questions about how to do business with the NCDOT.  During these events, we will discuss the types of contracts, upcoming advertisements, letting and award processes, and other ways you can identify the best fit for your company to work with NCDOT.

NCDOT is ready to grow our contracting community and we would like for you to have an opportunity to work with us now and in the future.

NCDOT is committed to programs that promote the continued success of small, minority, and woman owned businesses. The involvement of a diversity of contractors is essential to that commitment and we hope that you will take advantage of our Saturday Outreach to meet the NCDOT staff available to assist you.

NCDOT also strongly encourages you to provide any feedback to the Chief Engineer’s Office on this outreach or questions you may have to the email:   DOHDBEOUTREACH@NCDOT.GOV


TIME OF EVENT:                            10:00AM – 12:00PM

DATE OF SATURDAY EVENT:      January 22, 2022

TENTATIVE Location:                   NCDOT Division One Office, 113 Airport Drive, Edenton, NC 27932

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Andrea Woodell