The Currituck Education Foundation, Inc. was established in 2016 to support public education in Currituck County. Since that time, board members have worked to secure funding to establish an endowment that would support the work of the foundation in perpetuity.

Thanks to several grants, private donations, and business sponsorships, that goal finally came to fruition in 2020.

Notably, two existing funds elected to partner with the Currituck Education Foundation (CEF) to finalize the endowment funding. These two funds were the Roy Lee Etheridge Sr. Family Endowment and the Etheridge-Meiggs Family Scholarship Endowment (component funds of the North Carolina Community Foundation).

Thanks to the generosity of these families, the Currituck Education Foundation now has a sustainable, permanent source of support for our work and mission, expanding the number of giving options available to our donors, and building capital for long-term goals and projects that enhance our services.

Gifts may be made in many forms, and gifts of all sizes are most welcome. The Currituck Education Foundation Endowment is invested and administered through the North Carolina Community Foundation. For more information or to donate to this fund, please visit our website at If you would like for your contribution to directly support a named fund (Roy Lee Etheridge Sr. Family Endowment, Etheridge-Meiggs Family Scholarship Endowment, etc.) or the General Endowment Fund, please indicate that when you make your contribution.