Emerald Advance will start in the Elizabeth City Office on November 15th.  You will need your most recent pay stub and a picture ID to apply.  If a married couple would both like to apply for Emerald Advance, then both would need to apply with valid picture ID and their most recent pay stub. For those clients that their only income is from self employment, you will need a copy of last years return and a current Profit and Lost statement to date to apply.

Note: Driving license must be valid as the guidelines have change where the paper copy of your renewal license will not be accepted. You will need a different type of valid pictured ID.

Moyock's H&R Block Office opening day will be Monday January 3, 2022. This year with the protection of masks, shields on our desk, and those that have all the vaccine shots, we will be doing face to face in our office this year. All of your favorite tax prepares will be returning this year. We look forward to seeing everyone at the desk like we did two years ago. One more step to normal.

Those that enjoyed the Digital drop off last year, we are continuing this option. As well as drop off and pick up in the office like last year.

If you prefer to do everything online, you can do that by creating a MyBlock account, upload your documents, making a digital appointment. When we receive that appointment, we will acknowledge your request, complete your return and uploaded to be Approved Online. This year all of the required security paper work that would normally be completed in the office will be available in the MyBlock account.

H&R Block now has the same MyBlock account as an app for your smart phone. You can download the app from either Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play. The procedures are the basically the same. The set up for both on line and the phone App are menu driven.

As of now we are unsure on IRS's opening day. We are hopping that with no unexpected directions for IRS, that they will open in mid to late January like two years ago.

So make a list as to your needed forms(using last years return as a guideline). Gather them up in one location as they come in. You'll be ready when your checklist is done.  Guidelines on forms received dates – W-2's and 1099's should me sent out by January 31st, and received the first week of February. Clients that are expecting a K1 from a partnership or from a S-corp, these are due to be mailed by the 15th of March, you should received them by the 21st of March. For those that use the Government's Health Care, the 1095-A's should be out by 15th of February. If you can login now to make an account, request a paperless correspondence. Your form should be sent to your email address, you'll received it faster this way. For all the Naval retires, our 1099R should be available around the 16th of December with our 1095-B out in January.

For Clients with health care through employers, you will received either a 1095-B or 1095-C. As with previous years these were not forth coming with any kind of regularity. As long as your W-2 has a “DD” in Block 12, we know you had employers insurance. A 1095-B or 1095-C would be nice to have in case IRS would like some extra information.