So you are too busy to go fishing or perhaps your interest lies in other recreation areas. However running your business is a daily fishing trip that you often do not realize you have set upon as a journey. Every time I prepare for a fishing excursion the journey begins by “Acting As If….”, I assume that the day or season will be successful, I’ll catch the biggest fish, I’ll fill my creel, I’ll release citation fish, it’s as if it happened. Yet, I’ve not cast a line yet or baited a hook. I’ve thought about wind, weather, and tide, phase of the moon or any other multiple factors, the best line has been selected, the right bait or variations of bait or lures that may lead to success. Yet, some days the effort and planning leads to naught, but relentlessly I’ve acted “As If…”. It’s not hard for you to draw this analogy to running your business, even when you are experiencing a day with no catch, the bait was wrong, the line broke, but it’s your internal thinking that will differentiate you as a business owner and your ability for you to ‘Act As If…” for with a bit of self-evaluation and adjustment today's fishing and being “Skunked” is tomorrows full creel. If you have not thought about “Acting As If…” give it a try in conjunction with your intimate business knowledge and perhaps your empty creel days give way to greater days of success.

If I can help you fishing folks out there with your gear, please consider asking me, it’s As If you will.

Gary Kubit
Foolish Angler LLC
Custom Fishing Rods, Build, Repair, Refurbish