It’s no secret that 2020 has been a challenging year. And as we approach the holidays and bring this year to a close, we find it more important now than ever, to find the silver lining and be grateful for what we have rather than ungrateful for what we don’t have. It’s easy to cast a negative light on the past year and the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, but being positive and grateful is what’s really difficult. Team Workplace is here to help you overcome the negativity and find the silver lining.

      We’ve put together a plan of action to help you find the silver lining in this challenging time and see that there are many things to be grateful for. With the holidays upon us, this is a great time to practice gratitude and bring positive intentions with us into the New Year.
1.     Focus on the good, not the bad
It is a proven fact that focusing on the good rather than cultivating negative thoughts, leads to a more positive overall mood. The best way to get out of a depressed funk is to change your mindset to focus on those things you are grateful for. Try writing down a list of everything you’re grateful for and focusing on those. This will help clear your mind from the anxiety and negativity.
2.     Lean on Family, Friends, and Mentors
Many are facing hardships related to the isolated feeling due to social distancing regulations. It’s especially hard to distance ourselves from close family and friends in an effort to keep us all healthy and safe. But it’s important to continue to connect with your close friends and loved ones, even when we can’t physically be together. Check in with friends and family, schedule a weekly facetime or call, or find a safe way to socially distance but still interact. Connection is important in these times and it’s important to remember that some don’t have this option and to be grateful that we can still connect safely.
3.     Show your support
With so many struggling to stay afloat during this challenging time, we must rally together to support each other and lift our community up. Amidst all of the chaos and negativity, there have also been several stories of bravery and support that have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re feeling depressed, one sure way to feel more grateful and bring positivity, is to step up to the plate and help others around you. Support your local business down the street, write a nice review for your favorite restaurant, join in on or start a fundraising event, be a resource to your community when it needs you most. Studies have shown that helping others will lead to a happier, healthier, more productive life.
4.     Focus on your health
Now is the time to be grateful for good health and count our blessings. One silver lining to find during this difficult time is that the pandemic has caused many of us to live a healthier lifestyle. With so many struggling right now, it is important to not only acknowledge our good health but focus on staying healthy. Eat healthy meals, get more exercise and fresh air, continue to wash our hands and sanitize.
5.     In a time where unemployment is at an all-time high due to layoffs and closures caused by the pandemic, it is especially important to be thankful if you still have a job. If you are fortunate to continue working, running a business, or making an income during this time, find that silver lining and show your gratitude. Remember to thank your clients, business partners, boss, or employees for their hard work and dedication that helps you stay in business or at work, and show your support for those around you who aren’t as fortunate.
      During this challenging time let’s remember to stay grateful, show gratitude, and always look for the silver lining. 2020 was Workplace Solutions’ 20th anniversary in business; unfortunately we couldn’t celebrate as planned. But we remain thankful for our clients, new business, and our growing team. We are here to help your business by offering space planning, furniture, and design services, and Covid solutions. Let us know how Workplace can help your business get back to business. We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season from Workplace Solutions!