The following major site plan application was submitted and will be reviewed by the Technical Review Committee - TRC (February 9, 2022):

  • Four Seasons Pest Control:  The applicant, T L Jump, Inc., submitted a major site plan application for the purpose of constructing a 3,200 sf building and associated parking.  The property is located at 103 Greer Ct. in Currituck Industrial Park and the intended use is contractor services.

The following amended preliminary plat was submitted and will be reviewed by the TRC (February 9, 2022):

  • Waterleigh:  The applicant, Allied Properties, submitted an amended preliminary plat for the 275 lot conservation subdivision.   The minor amendment is a modification to the USACOE 404 wetland boundary and will be reviewed by TRC.

The following construction drawings were submitted and will be reviewed by the TRC (February 9, 2022):

  • Waterleigh, Phases 5 and 6.:  The applicant, Allied Properties, submitted construction drawings for phase 5 (55 lots) and phase 6 (38 lots) in the 275-lot conservation subdivision.  This is the final two phases in Waterleigh.

The following final plat was submitted and will be reviewed by the TRC (February 9, 2022):

  • Pine Island, Phase 5B:  The applicant, Turnpike Properties, LLC, submitted the final plat for Phase 5B (13 lots) in the  planned unit development.

The following conservation subdivision was submitted and will be reviewed by the TRC (February 9, 2022):

  • Providence Acres:  The applicant, Davis St. Holdings, LLC, submitted a four-lot conservation subdivision on South Mills Road in Moyock.  The conservation subdivision is a result of the consent judgement (Currituck County v Currituck County Board of Adjustments and Davis Street Holdings, LLC).



The following cases were submitted and will require the board to make a quasi-judicial decision.  Board members are not allowed to discuss the case or gather evidence outside of the hearing.  You may view the property in question before the hearing, but may not talk about the case with the applicant, neighbors, or staff outside of the hearing. 

  • Monteray Shores, PUD:  The applicant/owner, Outer Banks Ventures, Inc.,  submitted an amended sketch plan and use permit application to add 36 units (25 townhomes, 5 single family lots, and 6 upper-story dwellings) within a phase in the planned unit development located at the southern end of Monteray Shores.  The property is owned by Outer Banks Ventures, Inc.
  • Hans Theyer.:  The applicant submitted a special use permit application to allow auto repair service and temporary vehicle impoundment on property owned by Midlantic Builders, LLC in Corolla off Ponton Lane.  The proposed construction includes a 30’x30’ garage and a 10’x15 separate office building.