Thinking ahead? Needing a Medicaid spend-down? Living alone? Young and healthy? Taking care of a terminal family member or a friend? It's ALWAYS a good time to pre-plan final arrangements.

Cremations, burials, anatomical donations, out-of-town transports, military honors, and other final arrangements can ALL be set up in advance of death. In fact, pre-arranging and pre-paying funerals and cremations can give you and your family tremendous relief and peace of mind that all the difficult choices have been made, all the details are final, and all funds are already reserved for the care of that beloved person. NO bills, NO panic, NO financial crisis, NO second-guessing what mom or dad really wanted.

Gallop Memorial Chapel and Gallop Funeral Services, Inc. has a funeral director available around the clock to gently guide and organize your family toward the fulfillment of that memorial event that fits your family perfectly. Most plans can be completed in 30 minutes to an hour at our office or your home! Call Courtney or Ben today to get started!

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