The Currituck Maritime Museum’s grand opening will be held on July 16th, 2021, in Historic Corolla Park. The Museum will display wooden boats crafted by some of the most talented and legendary boat builders in their field.

Currituck County has always been renowned for its maritime history. Hunting, fishing, guiding, and farming have always been a way of life here. The Maritime Museum shines a light on those who made a living on the water for many years. The Museum offers a chance to step back in time and experience a little part of their lives by sharing their hard work through artifacts and exhibits. The museum will house 12 historic boats, and throughout the museum there are modern interactive displays that offer the opportunity to learn more about the craftsmen and the lives they lived here in Currituck.

Currituck County’s Maritime Museum is honored to share a piece of their own maritime history through this beautiful display of legendary boat builder’s and watermen history. The boat building craftmanship and the memories of our watermen will live on here at the Currituck Maritime Museum for years to come.

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