On October 20th at a virtual meeting of the Currituck Education Foundation, four projects
supporting Currituck County Schools were awarded mini-grant funding.

Danna Pierro of Central Elementary School received a grant for “Light Filters For
Concentration.” Proper lighting is not only essential for student performance, it is also an
environmental factor that affects teacher performance as well. This will reduce eyestrain
and diffuse the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting. It will create a calming and pleasant
learning atmosphere.

Roberta Matkins of Knotts Island Elementary School was awarded a grant for “Exceptional
Children Classroom Book Replenishment Project.” The funds will be used to replace
outdated books. New books purchased will be of high interest/low readability. High
interest/low readability books are more attractive and age appropriate/more relatable in
terms of format and plot. These books can be very motivating for reluctant readers.

Lacy Iacano of Shawboro Elementary School was awarded a grant for “Hands-On Science
in the Classroom.” Funds will be utilized to purchase updated/new science materials that
have broken, expired or are nonfunctional. This mini-grant was sponsored by Jim
Hartmann/Rescom Property Services of NC, Inc.

Dana Newbern of Jarvisburg Elementary School was awarded a grant for the “Garden”
project. The funds would be to replace the existing garden bed structures/frames that
have rotted with a metal one, then add new soil and plants. The garden beds would be
maintained by the students so they can build an understanding of how plants survive in
their environments.The garden beds can be seen from the front entrance to the building
and will add to the appearance of our grounds and the whole school will enjoy looking at
and observing the gardens. This mini-grant was sponsored by Sharon United Methodist
Women (Poplar Branch).

The Currituck Education Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to support
public education in Currituck County. For more information on how to be involved or to
make a donation, please visit CurrituckEducationFoundation.org.

Pictured are: Danna Pierro, Roberta Matkins, Lacy Iacano and Dana Newbern