The workplace is changing, and as a result of the pandemic we will need to work even harder to create an experience in the workplace that will both draw people in and entice employees and clients to return to our space and stay a while. This can mean making changes to many spaces and functionalities in the workplace. The lobby is the first impression of your workplace, so it's important to focus on making it a welcoming, functional, and adaptable space. Workplace is here with tips to help you create a destination lobby.

  1. Make it Functional

The lobby should not be an underutilized space used to pass through, but rather a destination with an invitation to stay a while. This means giving the space a purpose and making it multi-functional for guests, clients, and employees. Transform the space so that it can be used for both quiet personal work, or an inviting place to gather as a team or with clients for a quick meeting. Incorporate furniture that is both comfortable and supports real work.

  1. Create A Touch-Down Meeting Area

The best way to activate the lobby and draw people in is to create adjacent spaces with flexible, multi-purpose environments. This can be accomplished by creating small touch-down meeting areas equipped with seating, a writing surface and the accessories needed for quick impromptu meetings.


  1. Incorporate Modern Conveniences

Have you ever noticed that the most populated areas in public spaces are those that incorporate power? Think airports and hotel lobbies. Workplaces today are heavily reliant on technology and that means constantly charging and recharging. It's important to keep this in mind when creating your destination lobby that welcomes people to stay. Incorporate charging stations with extra power cords, electrical plugs, and the Wi-Fi password posted in easy-to-find spots that make it convenient for both employees and guests to sit down and get some work done.

  1. Offer Amenities

Whether it's incorporating a restaurant, cafe, beverage station, or gift shop, we can learn a lot from the success of the hospitality industry. More commercial buildings and workplaces are installing amenities into their lobbies. Consider incorporating a beverage station equipped with fresh coffee and tea and filtered or fruit-infused water. This will give the people who enter your lobby an invitation to sit, relax, and stay awhile.

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