The Corolla Wild Horse Fund is pleased to announce the kick-off of their fundraiser with a unique offering, a song, "Castaño," about the wild horses that roam free on the northern banks of Currituck County.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund wants to give their supporters something unique and enduring as the basis of their fundraiser. “We have so many wonderful supporters, donors, and social media followers. For this fundraiser, we wanted to give something back, something truly memorable, and from our hearts,” says Jo Langone, COO of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

It is said that music is the universal language, and with "Castaño," the Corolla Wild Horse Fund can offer their donors a storytelling, historical account of the famed Colonial Spanish mustangs' arrival to the Outer Banks. The song, video and lyrics are available on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund's website as a download for $5. Supporters will be given an opportunity to donate more. "This song is for everyone that loves these legendary horses and the Outer Banks. It will resonate with this community as well as those that visit here, our beloved mustangs are known from coast to coast," says Meg Puckett, Herd Manager at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

"Castaño" was co-written by Richmond-based, artist/songwriter Janet Martin and Kelly Wilkes, a Corolla Wild Horse Fund volunteer. "I contacted Janet with a song idea and just a few lines I had struggled with, and she ran with it, and it turned into more than I could have ever expected," says Wilkes. "The song was written while Kelly and I were in the Outer Banks in early March. I spent part of the day walking on the beach, mulling over the history of this place, how free these horses have been for centuries here, and what they've endured. I went back to the cottage, picked up my notepad and guitar, and the song pretty much wrote itself," says Martin.

"Castaño" performers: Janet Martin on vocals, guitars, and bass; Daniel Clarke, noted pianist for K.D. Lang and Ryan Adams on piano and organ; Linwood Bell composed and performed the orchestral arrangement. Bell is known for his work with Graham Nash, Josh Grobin, and the Boston Pops. And music producer, Bruce Olsen on drums/percussion and song engineering/producing, Olsen is known for producing projects by Grammy winner, George Winston, and regional bands, the Nighthawks and Waxing Poetics.

60-second song clip/video preview on YouTube, interviews with Corolla Wild Horse Fund and Janet Martin are welcomed as well as inquiries from community partners who want to connect with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund to support this fundraising effort.

Contact: Jo Langone, Chief Operating Officer, Corolla Wild Horse Fund 252-453-8002 /

Janet Martin, Artist/Songwriter 804-477-4796 /