The Museum of the Albemarle recognizes local community workers through the reading of  Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who!.  Just as Horton makes it his mission to protect the little people of Whoville, many individuals made it their mission and continue to protect the community during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Museum of the Albemarle hopes you enjoy the reading of Horton Hears A Who! by individuals representing their colleagues from educating, providing health care, protecting the community, answering the call for PPP equipment, feeding the community, keeping food on the shelves, sharing words kindness and encouragement to keep people healthy mentally, and for keeping everything running smoothly in a time of need.

Thank you to all people that have worked the frontlines during this pandemic and continue to do so by PROTECTING all the people within the community.

The video can be found on Museum of the Albemarle’s YouTube page here: