Lock in your home loan, your rate, your term & your advantage with ABNB

Whether you’re buying your first, second, or forever home, knowing the benefits of getting pre-approved can help you save a lot of money and get the edge on other buyers. Pre-approvals are perfect for serious buyers who have a home in mind, a real estate agent on hand, and are ready to make an offer. This gives you the advantage you need over other buyers. In this hot real estate market, you need every edge you can get. To get a pre-approval, ABNB will review your pay stubs, tax returns, debts, and run a credit check before issuing a conditional (not final or guaranteed) offer for financing.

Ready. Set. Refinance. If you’ve been in your home for years and have been putting in sweat equity where it counts, it might be time to consider refinancing your mortgage. You’ll save money, each and every month. Thanks to historically low interest rates and our experienced in-house team, you will benefit from our expedited process and will maximize savings on your monthly mortgage payments. At ABNB, we don’t charge points. Zero. Zilch. Nada. That means you could save up to $2,500* when you refinance with us. Visit https://www.abnbfcu.org/loans/mortgage-loans/mortgages.html to get started today.