The following major site plans were submitted and will be reviewed by the TRC - Technical Review Committee (July 14, 2021):

  • Shields Warehouse:  The applicant/owner, David Shields, submitted a major site plan application for the construction of a 10,500 square foot commercial warehouse.  The property is located at the corner of Fox Knoll Drive and Greyson Loop (117 Greyson Loop) in Currituck Industrial Park, Powells Point.
  • Resort Realty of the Outer Banks:  The applicant, Resort Realty of the Outer Banks, submitted a major site plan application for a 4,875 square warehouse with office space addition.  The property is located at 100 Fordham Drive in the Elan Vacations Planned Development (University Park), Powells Point.

The following rezoning application was submitted and will be reviewed by the TRC (July 14, 2021), Planning Board (tentative date:  September 14, 2021), and the Board of Commissioners (tentative date:  October 4, 2021):

  • Hugh Miller:  The applicant/owner, Hugh Miller, submitted an application for a zoning map amendment (traditional rezoning) for four properties currently zoned GB and AG.  The properties consist of 164.85 acres, approximately 162 acres to be rezoned from AG to SFM, and the remaining acreage to be retained as GB.  The properties are located in Barco on the east side of US 158 and south of Currituck County High School.  The properties are owned by Charles I Jones, Jr., Paula Vest, Jennifer M. Kay, and Newton N. Hampton.    This is a traditional zoning map amendment and will not include a development plan or conditions.

The following UDO text amendment was submitted and will be reviewed by TRC (July 14, 2021), Planning Board (tentative date:  September 14, 2021), and the BOC (tentative date:  October 4, 2021):

  • Currituck County:  The text amendment application to address additional corrections associated with the adoption of 160D.


The following cases were submitted and will require the board to make a quasi-judicial decision.  Board members are not allowed to discuss the case or gather evidence outside of the hearing.  You may view the property in question before the hearing, but may not talk about the case with the applicant, neighbors, or staff outside of the hearing. 

  • Ballance Mine:  The applicant is identified as Allied Properties, LLC on the application and APVA, LLC on the plan (will be corrected during the TRC review).   The submittal is a use permit application for an extractive industry (sand mine) on Caratoke Highway in Moyock.  The application includes five existing properties located on the southwest side of Caratoke Highway and divided by the Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad (Tax Map 23, Parcels 40, 46, 47, 48, and 49).  The property contains 358.9 acres  with 191.20 acres intended for the mining operation.  The plan proposes excavating 57.36 acres and the mined area will be left as a lake or be filling with reclaimed material.  The operations include dewatering to a 0.34 acre settling basin with an outlet to the northern ditch (Willie Lead Ditch).
  • The Fost Tract:  The applicant, Moyock Development, LLC,  submitted a preliminary plat/use permit application for Phases 6-9 of the Fost Tract in Moyock.  The phases include 39 townhouses and 139 single family lots.
  • Monteray Shores, PUD:  The applicant/owner, Outer Banks Ventures, Inc.,  submitted an amended sketch plan and use permit application to add 36 units (25 townhomes, 5 single family lots, and 6 upper-story dwellings) within a phase in the planned unit development located at the southern end of Monteray Shores.  The property is owned by Outer Banks Ventures, Inc.