Many of us have been working from home for over a year now and while it may have been both exciting and convenient at first, you may be getting a little stir crazy which can often lead to decreased productivity. Workplace is here to provide some tips to help you mix things up and boost your work from home productivity.

  1. Keep Your Morning Routine

You have probably become comfortable working in your sweatpants or even your pj's, however studies have shown that keeping a normal morning routine is crucial to maintaining a productive mindset throughout the day. Try to wake up at the same time each morning and stick to your regular morning schedule - eat breakfast, go for a run, take a shower. You can keep your casual attire but try spicing it up a little each morning as you would if you were going into the office - style your hair, add accessories, etc. Keeping your morning routine to more than just throwing on a clean pair of sweatpants can help give you a little extra inspiration for your day ahead.

  1. Spruce Up Your Workspace

A productive workspace is an organized workspace. Clutter on your desk can lead to clutter in your work output. Spruce up your workspace so that you’re a little more excited to head over to your desk and tackle the day. Start filing your paperwork, add a desk plant, consider upgrading your desk or chair. Working from your couch is not only less productive, it's also unhealthy - proper posture is important for healthy blood flow and circulation.

  1. Change Your Scenery

When you're working in office, you’re often moving to different spaces throughout the day, whether it's into the conference room for a meeting, out of the office to visit a client, or to a collaborative space to meet with the team. While working from home, you can often find yourself in the same space or position all day. Try changing the scenery even if it's only for an hour or two a day. Set up a workspace on your outdoor patio or find an outdoor café, move to the kitchen counter or dining room table for an hour and then switch back to your desk. Find a way to change your surroundings so you don't get burned out from a mundane stationary routine.

  1. Take Quick Breaks

Even when you're working in the office, without noticing you take short unintentional yet necessary breaks throughout the day. Sometimes it's in the break room chatting with a co-worker while you refill your coffee, or in the car while you’re commuting to a meeting. Regardless, these short brain breaks actually increase your productivity because they prevent burnout. When you aren't moving around or don't have the socialization of the workplace, it can be easy to get caught staring at the screen for hours with no breaks. These breaks are important to your overall health and they don't need to be long - complete a quick chore like switching your laundry, walk the dog around the block, make a snack, or do a few stretches.

  1. Schedule for Productivity

You may have found yourself working sporadic hours or into the night during this past year working from home. This can lead to a blurred line between home and work that used to be drawn between the physical location of your office from your home. If possible, keep your workday within normal working hours to allow proper rest and time spent unplugged. Try block-scheduling around your productivity patterns - schedule your most complex tasks that require sustained concentration during hours when you know your most productive. If you have children at home, aim to engage in those tasks during the most opportune time, like during nap time, or when your spouse/partner or caregiver can take over full child duty, so you can dedicate your complete concentration to that task.


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