Michelle, who also serves as their Clinical Director, has been in behavioral health clinical practice since March 1998, treating adolescents and adults. Michelle strives to meet the unique needs of everyone she works with by creating specialized evidenced based treatment plans to best help clients meet their goals. She has also supervised many masters level counselors through internships and post graduate licensure experience. She enjoys working with new counselors and ensuring the development of high quality skills and professionalism.

Britney’s professional orientation is grounded in an Integrative Therapy framework, which allows for the flexibility to utilize techniques from many theoretical models in order to best serve clients. She is client-focused and trauma-focused, while being able to look beyond the individual at the system of relationships and experiences that both impact, and are impacted by, the client. She also encourages her clients to pursue a holistic approach to health, incorporating exercise, proper sleep and nutrition, spiritual practices, nurturing relationships, and activities they enjoy. She has a particular passion for working with survivors of all forms of trauma, including witnessing or experiencing violence, complicated grief, abuse, or other forms of acute, chronic, and complex trauma. She primarily offers individual therapy for adolescents and adults and is an LGBTQ+ friendly therapist.

We are so excited to see both of them impact the community through mental health services. They are exceptionally talented and we are very thankful for them both. If you would like to schedule an appointment with either one of them, please call Peaceful Waters Counseling at 252-232-8086.